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About Joey Harrison

Live performer/recording artist



official website

Saturdays @ The Vineyard Wine Co.

Come enjoy the warm atmosphere of The Vineyard Wine Company in Heathrow at Colonial Town Park. Every Saturday 8-12am. Excellent wine selection and full bar with restaurant.


As a child, Joey grew up listening to his dad's original ballads and love songs on the piano, modeled after a multitude of classic artists like Billy Joel, James Taylor, Elton John, Eric Clapton, etc. Spirituality has always played a huge role in Joey's music. While performing the circuit in and around Daytona Beach, FL, Joey enjoys recording his compositions in his home studio and looking to God for inspiration. Read more about Joey on the Music Page:

Bungalow Retreat Fridays

Check out one of Lake Mary/Heathrow's finest new venues where relaxation and fun is put first. Enjoy the Dynamic Duo, Joey and Gabrielle​, every Friday night 6-10

Wednesdays and Sundays @ The BluBar

Join Joey in the BluBar @ The Garlic in New Smyrna beach every Wednesday night from 5:30-9:30.  Come enjoy an array of music, from Ray Charles to Steely Dan and hang out in the BluBar