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Planet Groove: A 70's Concept


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About Joey

 Joey grew up in a small town in the hills of Upstate-New York, North Brookfield. Anyone in the US who has been through that part of the state was probably on their way to Canada while they missed it on the map. The woods, the streams and creeks, the foothills and mountains... all offered a phenomenal vision of creation that began his appreciation for God and His grandeur. Joeys father was always a songwriter and singer, working at their local church as the organist/cantor. Joey and his 3 brothers all grew up listening to their Dad's original songs and praise hymns. All of them are musically inclined and have respect for musical skill and alternative instruments. Deeply seated in nature, outdoor activity usually played a role in their lives more so than indoor activities. They all hiked, camped, and jammed in the garage, they practiced martial arts together and enjoyed most of their fun with one another. Joey left his family and home for Nashville to explore the music industry and aspired to have a career either on the road or in a studio. It didn't take long after getting there for Joey to realize that wasn't God's plan for him. Selling art on the road led him to the east coast of central Florida where once his feet touched the sand, they sank in. Now joey lives in Daytona Beach with his wife and step-children. He performs weekly and loves to record at home. He is currently working on a couple of projects. One is an end times awareness themed album that provokes the deception of the world and the salvation of God. The other is a more upbeat grass rooted album about the promises found in Gods word.

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​The initial inspiration for Planet Groove: A Cosmic Car Chase came from the best Artists and their albums of the 70's. Tender at times, and especially right off the bat with Track 1: Groove On You; there is an old soul vibe that strikes you and is reminiscent of the passionate soul music that progressed through the decades. The unorthodox use of the Wah pedal and funky guitar riffs preserved the concept of this being a spacey cosmic theme and tied the songs together under that concept. The organ sings like a gospel choir on the first song leaving an emotion in the air of longing and desire, immediately afterwards Track number 2: Get Up and Groove comes crashing in unabashedly with the energy and intensity of a Led Zepplin song but the grooviness of a song that would be played in a vintage action movie scene. The organ gets seriously ramped up and exciting during this song, giving off the clever image of a James Brown Concert being invaded by Led Zepplin. Track 3 brings things back down to a slow burn with Whiskey, a tale of introspective and moral integrity. Joseph speaks from life experience when he emotes about his tribulation. Carlos Santana, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton are some artists that come to mind while listening to this soul-cry. The album continues with more intent and motive in Track 4: Brainwave which talks about the relationship connection that people share when they have the same spiritual foundation. It has classic instrumentation and feel, radiating an honest cool tone like Bill Withers but with a Lenny Kravitz twist. It states that two lovers are equally invested in each other under God but must sacrifice control to Him in order to stay on the same life path. Bad Attitude is the 5th track, revealing another emotional chapter of the artist where he reinvents reggae rock with dark and mysterious undertones. More beautiful guitar work oozing Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hendrix, Jimmy Paige and others. A minor blues ballad with an almost beachy feel really puts you in the state of mind of the artist. Track 6: Condescending Words is a biographical metaphor, talking about being brought up with his family, taught to strive for service, yet still facing a world of challenges...and challenging people. Very relatable lyrics to anyone who has been talked down to or insulted by unneeded advice. This song is very much influenced by the Beatles though it certainly has its own unique fusion of flavors. The angriest and darkest song on the album, is track 7: Holes. The basic message here is, if you don't have anything nice to say...back off. We have all participated in pointless arguments with our enemy that we cannot win. This is very much a theme song of hypocrisy, the guilty conscience of our accuser. Here, the progressive and grunge rock drive of Alice in Chains or Tool can be felt. Things blast off with the most appropriate song for this album theme, Track 8:Spaceman. Trippy phaser guitars and psychedelic sounds captivate the essence of the cosmic album experience. Hammering piano chords remind you of Jamie Cullum jumping up on the piano on all fours. The last vocals you hear on the album are progressive blues and fast funky lyrics that have you feeling sympathy for the Mad Hatter on track 9. The song is the story of moving and changing, facing money trouble, having money again, and then realizing that its a lot of stress anyways. The imagined experience of being in space where you can escape the grind of work and the pressures of society is ripped open in this playfully chaotic song. The organ takes off on a jazzy trip and battles with the guitar for sound space. Finally to ease you off of the enjoyable insanity of all that wah guitar is a classic sounding instrumental called Classic, the 10th and final track on the album. Cream, Jeff Beck, Guthrie Govan all inspired this great sound, with overdriven strat tones and a rotary rhodes... you feel like you're partying with the Classics. All together, these songs share the same passion and design. You'll be over the moon on Planet Groove.

 Joey's music delivers an authentic, organic soul sound. For more than a decade, Joey has been performing on the piano, guitar, harmonica, and the trumpet. Classically trained on piano, the keys are where most his hours have been logged. Growing up listening to great Classic rock artists like Billy Joel, The Eagles, The Beatles as well as other folk and pop from before his time, he can appreciate the group sound that birthed in the 60's and 70's. While learning guitar, Joey turned to 90's grunge and hard rock for inspiration in bands like Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains. Along with his classical training on piano, He has studied all forms of music and in his opinion, no genre is off limits. He's picked with bluegrass circles, and rocked out with grungy hippies, he's directed church choirs, and likes to get groovy in jazz trios and quartets. With a deep appreciation for unique and alternative artists like Jamie Cullum, Norah Jones, Esperanza Spalding, Victor Wooten, Civil Wars, and many other modern innovators of music, It is Joey's goal to serve God and others with spiritually uplifting songs and compositions that may convince you to look up on days you're looking down.