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‚ÄčIf you're thinking about booking Joey for your venue, party, wedding or other event, please call (or e-mail), 386-383-0847 to discuss your plans, and to get a quote.

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Additional Services

Joey offers many different kinds of services. As a trained concert pianist, there is no genre of performance or material that he cannot learn or teach. He offers piano/guitar/ drum lessons within local range and caters to the student providing they have their own equipment and rehearsal space. Typically, Joey and the student will set up a goals list, a syllabus, and a progress table.

Composition is Joey's forte, he has been composing from age 3 and has 500+ original works in his repertoire. If you have a project that requires a composer, arranger, lyricist, or developer, contact us for more information. Each task in a writing and/or recording production takes time and the price will be negotiated per contract.

Joey also offers himself as a live or sit-in recording studio musician. He can embellish and improvise upon an already existing piano part or he can compose a part that blends with your arrangement. He supports collaboration as long as both parties retain equal rights and royalties. Recording/Studio work must be planned out and priced in a negotiated contract.

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