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‚ÄčIf you're thinking about booking Joey for your venue, party, wedding or other event, please call (or e-mail), 386-383-0847 to discuss your plans, and to get a quote.

Additional Services

Composition is Joey's forte, he has been composing from age 3 and has 500+ original works in his repertoire. If you have a project that requires a composer, arranger, lyricist, or developer, contact us for more information. Each task in a writing and/or recording production takes time and the price will be negotiated per contract.

Joey also offers himself as a home producer or live sit-in recording studio musician. Using state of the art recording technology on an industry standard setup...He can embellish and improvise upon an already existing track or entire mix or he can compose a part on almost any instrument you can imagine that blends with your arrangement. He supports collaboration as long as both parties retain equal rights and royalties. Recording/Studio work must be planned out and priced in a negotiated contract.

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